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Electronic Intruder & Fire Detection with 24-Hour Alarm Monitoring Services

With SMA's Grade A1 24-hour alarm monitoring services available over GPRS, TCP/IP or traditional PSTN phone lines, we ensure your premises is monitored at all times as required for alarm intrusion detection, duress / man down scenarios, smoke, heat and specific needs such as refrigeration temperature sensing or seismic sensors for vaults or in premises safes.

Alarm notifications can be provided to key business stakeholders with the option for guard response, police or fire brigade attendance as required. At SMA, we provide customised solutions with contract and non-contract options to suit your organisation as it grows and evolves across Australia and overseas.

Our intrusion detection systems are industrial grade high quality platforms that are both feature rich and highly reliable to allow for simple user interaction, integration of other systems and allow for smart and remote device integration as required.

All of our solutions are based on strict Australian Standards compliance and come with a detailed service and maintenance recommended plan to ensure correct operation and response long into the future.

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