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Radar Detection Systems

SMA provide medium and long range Radar detection solutions to add to your existing Security platform.

With detection ranges from 400M to 1KM, our Industrial Grade Radar Detection solutions can integrate with your existing Video Management System and existing PTZ camera technology or operate as a stand alone system.

Our solutions offer cost effective security detection over a wide expanse, integrating with your existing technology to provide a high security solution at a fraction of traditional costs.

Network Video Management Systems for CCTV will integrate seemlessly with the Magos Radar platform. Milestone, FLIR / DVTEL, Indigovision, Genetec, Avigilon, and Aimetis plus many others will successfully integrate to provide you with one powerful security platform at your fingertips.

The Magos Area Surveillance Software (MASS) includes Mobile device operation and pairing, with real time tracking, automatic Drone launch to Radar detection, unattended operation over multiple sites via a web, IP, map based radar control interface.

Please contact us for a site demonstration or for a free, no obligation consultation.


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