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Network Management, Security & Optimisation

Modern technology is becoming more and more reliant on highly managed network infrastructure. Whether over ethernet, fibre or over radio transmission, security and related devices whether encoded or converted from multiple types of architecture, have IP and mac address address end points for IT Management to consider for asset tracking and servicing, as well as power management with most devices now Power over Ethernet (PoE) capable as default.

In an ever changing world and networking landscape, security systems and overall network security risk analysis, design and implementation is at the forefront of technology management today.

Our team at SMA understands the need for specific network management for each type of reliant technology over the network, whether transmitting critical packet signals for security and access control requirements, or voice and video for surveillance, public address, intercom or associate connected I/O devices.

Our expertise in providing solutions for large storage arrays, networked load balancing and virtualised environments is available as part of our overall security solution offerings. Too often security providers overlook IT optimisation and the impact large volumes of edge devices will have on networks regardless of the bandwidth available.

We understand the need to provide electronic security systems but without considering the security of your systems in place, and how they communicate with the outside world, all systems are potentially at continued risk.

Our organisation specialises in providing comprehensive, fit for purpose, reliable and hardened environmental and size restricted solutions to deliver results in any environment required.

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