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Intelligent Security Integration Services

Whether your organisation operates over multiple sites nationally or within a single site, our highly integrated, multi-technology solutions provide a seamless experience for operational staff and one platform feel achieving high operational efficiency, site compliance and overall business continuity.

We can provide advanced integrated and scalable solutions for your electronic systems such as security, surveillance, access control, building management, hotel management, human resources and risk management systems, as well as custom built software intended to meet your specific requirements, saving time and money.

In cost-driven, environmental and energy conscious business environments, you require the confidence that your building management services are running correctly and not consuming power and resources that aren't required. This provides the opportunity to improve the operation and efficiency of services, enhance systems monitoring services and reduce overall operational and energy expenditure.

A smart work environment means increased productivity, higher staff collaboration and better use of existing facilities. Opportunities to reduce time impact on staff for self-induction facilities via kiosks for contractors and visitors, raise alerts for car park or facility occupancy limits, and provide comprehensive self-reporting and evaluation documentation for specific measurement and review.


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