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Security Solutions for Modern Businesses

SMA supply a large range of security brands including Hikvision, Indigo Vision, Milestone, DVTEL, Genetec, Gallagher,Tecom Challenger, Bticino, Aiphone and Jacques intercom amongst others.

With these well known brands behind us, we can customise an integrated security system to fit your exact specifications. Our knowledge of the security industry teamed with our many years experiencing servicing highly secure areas for government and private enterprise, allow us to provide an unparalleled level service and solutions.

Browse our range of security suppliers and contact us to discuss your security requirements.

Hikvision Video Surveillance

Hikvision is the world’s largest supplier of CCTV Camera Systems. The company specializes in video surveillance technology, as well as designing and manufacturing a full line of innovative CCTV and video surveillance products.

The product line ranges from cameras and DVRs to video management software. With the largest R&D team in the industry and state-of-art manufacturing facilities, Hikvision offers the benefit of world-class products that are designed with cutting-edge technology.

Hikvison had grown steadily over the last few years to become a well-established and recognized brand within the Australian Security Industry. Their success is due to their range of products which are tailored to customer’s needs.

Eclipse Security Systems have been installing Hikvision CCTV Cameras Systems since its inception to the Australian market place and have found the cameras to be very reliable and easy to maintain. The systems are easy to use which means that the client can maximize the use of available features in the security platform. Moreover, the range of products is appropriate to cater for the highly varied needs and budget of clients.

There are three main factors to consider when choosing the right CCTV camera, they are; the environment, a distance of view and coverage required. Our expert's team of Security Consultants are happy to provide advice and an obligation free quote on a system that would suit your specific needs.

Hikvision Intercom

It is common knowledge that Hikvision is the largest supplier of video surveillance products with a variety of choices to choose from. After conquering the CCTV market, Hikvision decided to venture into the IP Phone manufacturing sector.

The company came out with a classy product with an exceptional design that effectively competes with the industry leading IP intercoms. Better still, the Hikvision IP Intercom can be integrated into an existing IP CCTV network to give it a more robust functionality.

IndigoVision Video Surveillance

IndigoVision is a developer and provider of an all-inclusive video surveillance security solution which includes security cameras, weatherproof cameras and surveillance management application platforms. IndigoVision offers lifetime support for all the products that they manufacture.

Be rest assured IndogoVision will give the required support for the products you buy even after a decade. The network architecture deployed in these camera products are decentralized; this effectively negates the need for a central server. This system is resilient and robust and less prone to network failure.

The Point-to-Point connectivity platform of the video surveillance system has all the advantages of a closed platform in addition to an open system. The Control Center security management application has a user-friendly interface for managing Videos, Access Control, Perimeter Detection, and much more.

Milestone Video Surveillance

The open platform created by Milestone Sys can be customized to suite diversified requirements such as an out-of-the-box solution for businesses of a completely customized enterprise solution.

XProtect VMS can be used to protect a single site from vandalism and can also be applied in Hi-Tech multi-site security surveillance solutions.

This surveillance solution is ready to be deployed with minimal installation requirements. It is an effective and reliable option for businesses, the product deployment method is flexible and can be upgraded when required.

Gallagher Security & Access Control

Gallagher Security is a part of the Gallagher group which is a front-runner in the contract manufacturing industry as well as fuel systems, security and animal management.

The company was founded in 1938, it current employs more than 1000 staff and is presently exporting products to over 160 countries of the world.

Gallagher was not founded as a traditional security company, rather her services were established as a result of the need to innovate existing platforms in view of meeting the need of the users.

The company rises up to the task to proffer solutions to impossible tasks.

Gallagher has established an integrated security solution which meets the requirements of customers and has provided basic access control that is in tandem with the present day security standards.

Jaques Intercom

Jacques Technology is a pacesetter in the innovation, design, and development of integrated communication systems that includes public address system, video/audio intercom and emergency help point.

Jaques has deploy public address systems, video and audio intercom across the globe using cutting-edge digital technology. All our products are designed and manufactured in Australia and they are all in compliance with the highest industry standards.

All our communication devices are best applied in commercial communication platforms where security and safety are of paramount concern.

The Video and Audio Intercom, as well as the Public Address Systems (PAS), are all based on cutting-edge digital and IP-centric technology that guarantees flexibility in operations and expansion as well as longevity.

The best part of these products is that they seamlessly integrate with existing building security management, CCTV, digital telephony systems and access control system to provide a fully integrated security platform that meets the needs of our clients. All products of Jaques are designed and manufactured in Australia and are shipped to users all over the world.

Aiphone Intercom

The term intercom sounds like an old technology that is no longer applicable today. It is a fact that the intercom is one of the first methods of communication of the last century. However, with advancement in technology, the intercom has evolved into one of the most advanced forms of telecommunication in the present age.

Stentofon has re-engineered the intercom technology by synergizing it with cutting-edge IP technology to form the proprietary system called Critical Communication over IP (CCoIP). Besides the proprietary CCoIP platform, another factor that separates Stentofon from other players in the industry is the high quality and enviable standards of the products of the company.

The products are equipped with advanced features and functions that have been proven to withstand the most demanding enterprise platforms. Our retinue of satisfied clients such as Microsoft and Capitol trust our products to achieve seamless enterprise communications.

BTicino intercom

The products of Bticino are manufactured at cutting-edge manufacturing facilities located in Italy and abroad. They also use the services of other leading manufacturing brands located in 60 countries. Legrand Group Acquired BTicino in 1989, this acquisition launched Legrand into the international scene through the products of Bticino that are renowned world wide.

BTicino was established during the industrial revolution that took place just after the Second World War. The company pioneered the manufacturing of electrical components with modern design methodologies. This is expressed in numerous ground-breaking technology innovations and production automation process used by the company. The best part is that BTicino customer care is down-to-earth, this is evident in the way the company handles problems associated with contemporary household requirements.


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