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Intercom Solutions

Intercom systems vary in type based on the business requirement, integration required with other systems and network architecture required for deployment. We can tailor a solution to suit your organisation and have the experience to arm you with the correct information and technology.

Voice Intercom System

This is one of the most popular ways of controlling building access and we have extensive experience in these intercom systems. The best feature of the intercom system is the capability of those on the inside to listen to and identify a visitor's voice. The visitor and the person on the inside can verbally interact via the intercom and the person on the inside can permit electronically enabled access or restrict this as required.

Voice and Visual Intercom System

Some intercom systems only use audio for interaction between the internal respondent and the visitor, but the ability to see the visitor via video is not part of this system. The sole distinction between the audio only and video with audio systems is the fact for the intercom system that uses video, the inside person is able to see the visitor on their workstation, handset or wall monitor. However, the visitor is not able to see the person on the inside. These video intercom systems can also be integrated into your Video Surveillance whole of business solution offering further continuity of recording services.

A Central Point of Control

The decision to go with an intercom system that uses live video might be because it is the perfect system for controlling entry to the premises. The individually connected systems can all be effectively controlled from a central area using just one computer. Even with the need for inter-connectivity, the system is very cost effective and efficient.

Constant Vigilance is the Best Approach

The security of a building can be greatly improved by having a system installed that can monitor the various activities happening within that building. There are numerous instances where criminals wait until after business hours before going into rob and steal. Unsecured buildings are subject to breaking and entering as well as theft.

Even the world's best security system is ineffective if it isn't properly installed, managed or regularly maintained. Our systems engineers, consultants and management are highly qualified and skilled, allowing us to guarantee that your security system is made to your exact requirements and operation.

Contact us for proof of concept designs and non obligation consultancy to deomnstrate or capabilites and offerings available for your organisation.

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