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Access Control Systems

Access Control Systems are a requirement to manage who has permission to access your business assets by guaranteeing the appropriate employees gain pre-authorised area access. Our systems have the ability for integration to other security platforms to provide a seamless security solution under the one operating platform.

We provide solutions based on proven scalable architecture to our client’s specifications, all of which give you the high level management, control or access at your facilities whether local or over a wide expanse. We provide not only restricted access solutions, but we also safeguard high-security areas like gold rooms, bank vaults, and sensitive areas which may require dual authentication or other integrated third party technologies for drug and alcohol checks or specific muster point evacuation or even biometric authentication requirements, all couple with detailed customised audit reporting.

We design and implement Access Control systems which have been specially crafted with client interaction manages employee, contractor & visitor accessibility to business property. It also includes the capability to interact with HR management systems and limit entry to dangerous areas according to staff/safety induction expiry.

Our Access control systems also provide the ability to instantly email or SMS text key entrance, Fire or BMS type alerts to appropriate employees or stakeholders as required.

Our Access Control Systems can range from a single entrance to a wide area networked solution.

We use leading software applications with specific product feature roadmaps to integrate access control into your existing management workflow and we can work with many hardware and software platforms. Our systems deliver maximum benefits as we work with your existing network and communications technologies.

We are readily available to discuss your requirements with you, outline a complete business and security risk planned solution to suit your requirements and budget. Please contact us for further information.


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