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CCTV Closed Circuit Television Systems

Do you need a high quality cost-effective Video Surveillance System for your premises? We are able to supply, install and maintain an array of systems to suit your specific needs. High definition CCTV surveillance systems are able to provide real time site video monitoring for asset tracking, perimeter detection and people management as well as providing evidence for prosecution. They prevent expensive losses to your business and safeguard against any kind of possible unsavory or harmful conduct by staff members. SMA are specialists in our field to provide you with a high value edge security system, appropriate for your budget and requirements, offering a return on investment.

CCTV systems are employed for video surveillance in places that require real-time remote monitoring and alert based tracking such as industrial facilities, mine sites, financial institutions, airport terminals, retail stores and all levels of government organisations. We are specialists in ensuring the correct devices and platforms for your environment are deployed, and have our team of engineers on-call to provide you the support and service you require.

Our solutions take your whole of business needs and technology into consideration, ensuring we utilise your invested network and device architecture where possible, and provide highly scalable solutions to ensure complete continuity of service as your organisational needs change.

CCTV security systems using Network Video Recording integrated storage units, and / or Server based virtual or local architecture will provide real-time local or remote compressed video streams with a range of quality performance enhancements such a virtual perimeter detection, vehicle or personnel analytics. We integrate the technology seamlessly with current or additionally required network infrastructure through coaxial, ethernet, fibre optic and radio.

A correctly deployed and configured surveillance system will allow for other third party technology integration and ensure real-time interrogation from anywhere on earth. Our highly skilled team offers an expert, honest and reliable services and customize our specific industry expertise to guarantee we meet your business requirements.

All of our products and services come with a lifetime workmanship and manufacturer warranties, with tiered support and maintenance services offered to every level of business as required.


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